Since its inception, The Institute has published over 100 publicly-available reports, as well as numerous articles related to managing change. 

Good decisions can only be made using good information produced through independent research that is vetted by other researchers, interest groups, and affected parties. It has been through The Institute, founded in 1996 as a non-profit membership society, that we have striven to provide a means through which objective analysis can be undertaken to develop a greater understanding of how our communities are changing.

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Where have the jobs been going in the Lower Mainland?
Trends in BC's International Merchandise Sales, 1993-2013
People & Jobs in British Columbia's Future: A Scenario for BC's Labour Market to 2041
Suburban Futures: Employment & Population Growth Throughout the Lower Mainland
People & Jobs in the Lower Mainland
2011 NHS Highlights: Incomes
2011 NHS Highlights: Regional Patterns of Employment
2011 NHS Highlights: Unemployment
Marginally Richer Now
Who Pays British Columbia’s Personal Income Tax: Analysis of the Most Recent Data
Travel & Tourism
BC's International Context
Pondering Productivity
US Employment Recovery
Evolution or Extinction: Harmonization in a British Columbia that Works
Trends Beyond the Horizon, Trends Beyond Demographics: The Changing Nature of Work, Workers, and the Workplace
Changing People Changing Places: Demographic and Economic Change in BC
Building In Recovery: Outlooks for the US Housing Market
2008 Labour Force Perspectives
The Taxation of Commercial Real Estate: A Burden on Business?
The Facts and the Headlines about BC Incomes
BC Incomes: Inflation, which inflation?
The Journey to Work in the Lower Mainland
Canada’s Urban and Rural Portrait
Changing Places of Work for Lower Mainland Residents
Spatial Projections of Population, Housing and Employment in the Southwest Metropolitan Region, 2005 to 2045
A Perfect Storm: Sustaining Canada’s Economy During Our Next Demographic Transformation
Introduction to Regional Economic Analysis
The Context for Change: Demographics, Life Cycles, Economics, and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia Over the Next Four Decades
Regions & Resources: The Foundations of BC's Economic Base
From Better to Worse: The Recent History of Personal Saving in BC
Resource Dependency: The Spatial Origins of BC’s Economic Base
Consumers Will Decide
Labour Turmoil in Canada

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