We study the demographic and economic issues that affect Canadian communities.

Urban Futures works with private firms, organizations, agencies, and the public sector to provide unique research and consulting services that analyse how demographic and economic growth and change will shape our collective futures.

We conduct and present work in three main contexts: Consulting; Speaking; and Research. Refer to the above links for more information on the three distinct arms of our organization.

Urban Futures' Latest Research

Housing Our Aging Population

Projections of Seniors' Housing Demand in Canada, 2014-41

Busters are the new Boomers

And other tidbits from Statistics Canada's latest population data

Q1 2015 Population Update

BC recovers while Alberta defies
oil expectations

Quarterly Demographic Statistics

Q4 2014 Demographic data for Canadian provinces & territories

Urban Futures' Latest Viz

BC's International Migration

What's up (or down) with the
latest data?

Women in Parliament

Comparing the proportion of seats held by women in national parliaments around the world


Head Offices in Canada

Head office prevalence in major Canadian metro areas

Re-building Non-Residential Construction

Trends in non-residential construction within British Columbia

In The News

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> Andrew & Ryan on Metro Vancouver's growing and changing population, June 13, 2015. The Province. "The great density debate: Just how fast is Metro Vancouver growing?"

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> Yazmin on house prices in Vancouver, May 6, 2015. The Georgia Straight. "Vancouver's million-dollar housing statistics can mislead, expert says"

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> Ryan on BC Migration January 5, 2015, CBC News. “Net migration gains for BC as more Canadians moving to province.”

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