Provincial & Territorial GDP in Canada: New Data, Cool Chart

Statistics Canada recently published their latest provincial and territorial gross domestic product (GDP) estimates, which show that Canada generated $1.63 trillion in GDP in 2014 (as measured in chained 2007 dollars). In that same year, 35.5 million people called Canada home, meaning that on a per capita basis, every man, woman, and child generated an average of $45,960 worth of output.

Of course, this single number masks the range of per capita output seen within Canada, from Alberta's high of $74,126 to Prince Edward Island's low of $31,744. To see where the rest of Canada's provinces and territories rank, check our latest viz here.  

There is more information contained in the chart than initially may meet the eye, with the horizontal axis showing the proportion of Canada's total population represented by each province and territory, the vertical axis measuring per capita GDP, and the resulting area of each province's and territory's "box"  representing its total GDP in 2014.