A country-by-country look at maternity leave duration and wage coverage

With Mother's Day having just passed, we thought it was timely (and somewhat interesting) to consider how countries around the world deal with maternity leave. More specifically, this Friday’s data viz describes the duration of maternity leave granted to new moms, the proportion of their wages covered during this period, and the full wage coverage equivalent for countries around the world (the latter measure is calculated by multiplying the number of weeks of maternity leave permitted by the percentage of wages that are covered during that period).

Perhaps not surprisingly, Sweden tops the list, with 55 weeks of full wage coverage for new mothers. Close behind Sweden were a number of countries that did surprise us, including Croatia, Serbia, and Cambodia. Canada ranks toward the bottom end of the spectrum, at 9 weeks, with the United States bringing up the rear with no coverage.

We hope you enjoy poking around in this latest viz.