Since its inception, The Institute has published over 100 publicly-available reports, as well as numerous articles related to managing change. 

Good decisions can only be made using good information produced through independent research that is vetted by other researchers, interest groups, and affected parties. It has been through The Institute, founded in 1996 as a non-profit membership society, that we have striven to provide a means through which objective analysis can be undertaken to develop a greater understanding of how our communities are changing.

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Canada Housing Series: Projections to 2041
Averages & Anecdotes: Trends in Home Ownership in Canada & Greater Vancouver
Trends in Lower Mainland Residential Sales Prices: 2013 Update
2011 NHS Highlights: Rental Housing Renaissance
BC's Most Expensive Properties
Much Ado About Nothing: What the Census data say, and don’t say, about foreign & temporary residents and unoccupied dwellings
Rates & Dates: Potential Implications of Mortgage Interest Rate Increases
Charting the Future: Trends in Mortgages in Canada
2011 Census Highlights: Housing Change by Structure Type in the Lower Mainland
Averages & Anecdotes: 2012 Update
Averages & Anecdotes: Foreign Buyers
Averages & Anecdotes: Prices
Q3 2011 Migration
Q4 2010 Migration
US Housing Starts
The Future of Alberta’s Mortgage Market
Housing Market Cycles in the Metro Vancouver Region, 2006 to 2021
Part II - In the Eye of the Beholder: Housing Affordability in British Columbia
Part I - In the Eye of the Beholder: Housing Affordability in British Columbia
Building In Recovery: Outlooks for the US Housing Market
Housing Change in the Vancouver CMA
Spatial Projections of Population, Housing and Employment in the Southwest Metropolitan Region, 2005 to 2045
Going, Going … Development Potential and Housing Starts in the Lower Mainland
Measuring Rental Market Potential
Aboriginal Population of British Columbia: A Comparative Analysis of 1996 Census Data on Demographic and Housing Characteristics
Changing Places: A Strategy for Home Ownership, Residential Neighbourhoods and RRSPs in Canada
Housing Metropolitan Vancouver's Population: Demographics and Long Run Housing Demand, 1999 to 2040
Housing Ontario's Seniors in the Next 40 Years
Housing Alberta's Seniors in the Next 30 Years
Housing Canada's Seniors in the Next 30 Years
Homes in British Columbia's Future: Demographics and Long Run Housing Demand, 1996 to 2026
British Columbia's Empty Bedrooms

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