In Debt, More or Less

As we wrap up budget season here in Canada, we thought it would be interesting to share the federal, provincial, and municipal debt burdens for each man, woman, and child in selected Canadian cities.

Pity the People from St John's, who carry the heaviest per capita debt burden in Canada, at $47,417. Pity, too, those Montrealers and les Quebecois, who have a total per capita public debt of $43,583 and $42,656, respectively.

While Vancouverites and Victorians may owe a lot to the bank to pay for those expensive homes, their governments have only saddled them with per capita debts of $34,013 and $33,261, both which are at the lower end of the spectrum of Canadian cities.

At the bottom of this list are Reginans ($24,317) and Saskatonians ($23,614), all of whom live in a province (Saskatchewan) with the lowest per capita provincial government debt in the country, at $4,878. 

Check out today's viz here.