Daily Leisure Hours by Country

As we roll through the Dog Days of Summer it is the time of the year where everyone is enjoying the weather and maximizing leisure time activities. Given the mood we thought we would share some statistics on leisure time from the OECD.

While we ranked 9th among the OECD 26, with Canadians spending on average 5.3 hours per day enjoying leisure time, that is a full hour less than the top ranked country (Norway), but 15 minutes more than the OECD 26 average. Relative to the lowest ranked nation  (Mexico), who enjoyed an average of only 3.7 hours of leisure time each day, we can hardly complain.

So what do we do with those five hours and 20 minutes of leisure time each and every day? According to OECD, Canadians spend more than one third of it watching TV or listening to the radio at home (1.9 hours). While this may seem like a lot of screen- and air-time, it is seven percent below OECD average of 2.0 hours per day. Interestingly, 60 percent of Hungarian’s leisure time is spent watching TV or listening to the radio!

We also spend about a fifth (21 percent, or 1.1 hours) of our leisure time visiting or entertaining friends (a share that is 19 percent higher than the OECD average of 57 minutes) and about 8 percent (or 27 minutes) playing sports. We hope that you are all working hard at getting your 5.3 hours of leisure time in today!

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