Quenching Our Thirst

Summer came early this year to the southwest corner of British Columbia, accompanied by elevated temperatures and very little rain since April. In response to the now rapidly-declining reservoir levels in the region, Metro Vancouver has ramped up water restrictions to Stage 3 of its Water Shortage Response Plan. In essence this means that both washing your car and watering your lawn are off the table; for the time being, however, showering is still permitted--so no excuses!

Given the topical nature of weather and water, we thought we'd share some data that describe daily per capita water consumption by municipalities within the Greater Vancouver Water District.

For example, did you know that, on average, every one of the 2.3 million residents who lived in Metro Vancouver in 2013 consumed 471 litres of water each day? That's equivalent to every person in the region filling up a conventional bath tub six times over every day!

Check our latest viz to find out where each municipality in the region ranks.