With over two decades of industry experience, we are the leading pulse-taker of the demographic and economic issues that affect Canadian communities. We started as a non-profit institute, with the goal of providing timely, relevant, and reliable data and analysis to the public on issues relating to community change. Recognizing the growing need for strategic analysis of demographic and economic data, our two founders, Andrew Ramlo and David Baxter, incorporated Urban Futures in 2001. In addition to our non-profit work, we have been providing fee-based consulting services to a range of private and public sector clients ever since.

Today, we are a dynamic team of urban planners and economists who are committed to rooting out the salient, compelling, and fascinating details of wide-ranging datasets for the use of our clients and the public. We are trusted experts in demographic, economic, and housing forecasting, in community lifecycle modelling, in transportation zone modelling and analysis, in economic impact assessments, and in land inventory and capacity analyses.

All of our work reflects one broad goal: to reveal the crucial stories that lay buried in complex demographic and economic data to help people, organizations, and government make better strategic decisions to manage change. 



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