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Canada Housing Summary

Canada Housing

Home Ownership

BC Exports

BC's Labour Market Outlook to 2041

Lower Mainland Housing - Wesbild

Trends in BC's International Goods Exports, 1992-2012

People & Jobs in the Lower Mainland  

2011 NHS Highlights: Rental Housing Renaissance

2011 NHS Highlights: Incomes 

BC”s Most Expensive Properties

2011 NHS Highlights: Regional Patterns of Employment

2011 NHS Highlights: Unemployment

2011 NHS Highlights: Commuting Flows

Marginally Richer Now

Much Ado About Nothing: What the Census data say, and don’t say, about foreign & temporary residents and unoccupied dwellings

Rates & Dates: Potential Implications of Mortgage Interest Rate Increases

Who Pays British Columbia’s Personal Income Tax: Analysis of the Most Recent Data

Regional Accessibility

Charting the Future: Trends in Mortgages in Canada

Travel & Tourism

2011 Census Highlights: Housing Change by Structure Type in the Lower Mainland  

2011 Census Highlights: Families, Households, & Marital Status

BC’s International Context

Averages & Anecdotes: 2012 Update

Resuscitating Health Care

Averages & Anecdotes: Foreign Buyers

Averages & Anecdotes: Prices

Pondering Productivity

Q3 2011 Migration

Q4 2010 Migration

US Employment Recovery

US Housing Starts

The Future of Alberta’s Mortgage Market

Housing Market Cycles in the Metro Vancouver Region, 2006 to 2021

Part II - In the Eye of the Beholder: Housing Affordabiity in British Columbia

Part I - In the Eye of the Beholder: Housing Affordability in British Columbia

The Incidence and Prevalence of Spinal Cord Injury in Canada: Overview and Estimates based on Current Evidence

Sustainable: British Columbia’s Health Care System and Our Aging Population

Evolution or Extinction: Harmonization in a British Columbia that Works

Workforce Migration: Expatriate Returnees and Global Human Resource Strategies

Trends Beyond the Horizon, Trends Beyond Demographics: The Changing Nature of Work, Workers, and the Workplace

Canada to 2058: Projections of Demographic Growth & Change for Canada and its Regions (updated to 2060)

Community Lifecycle Projection Model Methodology: Oakridge/Marpole

Changing People Changing Places: Demographic and Economic Change in BC

Building In Recovery: Outlooks for the US Housing Market

2008 Labour Force Perspectives

The Taxation of Commercial Real Estate: A Burden on Business?

The Impacts of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games on the Sea-to-Sky Housing Markets

Diversity Profile of British Columbia

The Facts and the Headlines about BC Incomes

BC Incomes: Inflation, which inflation?

Generation Status and Language Spoken at Home

Housing Change in the Vancouver CMA

The Journey to Work in the Lower Mainland

Canada’s Urban and Rural Portrait

Changing Places of Work for Lower Mainland Residents

Spatial Projections of Population, Housing and Employment in the Southwest Metropolitan Region, 2005 to 2045

A Perfect Storm: Sustaining Canada’s Economy During Our Next Demographic Transformation

Seniors’ Housing Demand in British Columbia over the Next Thirty Years

Introduction to Regional Economic Analysis

The Context for Change: Demographics, Life Cycles, Economics, and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia Over the Next Four Decades

Regions & Resources: The Foundations of BC's Economic Base

Freedom 65...55...65: An Exploration of Recent Retirement Trends in Canada

Going, Going … Development Potential and Housing Starts in the Lower Mainland

Population and Participation: Labor Force Growth and Change in the United States of America, 1910 to 2040 (available from Worldwide ERC, Washington DC)

Changing People, Changing Participation: Demographic and Behavioural Trends as a Context for the Future of the Canada Pension Plan, 2001 to 2051

Effective, Efficient and Responsible: The CCF Vision and the Future of Health Care in Canada

From Better to Worse: The Recent History of Personal Saving in BC

Resource Dependency: The Spatial Origins of BC’s Economic Base

Measuring Rental Market Potential

The Retiring Kind: An Exploration of the Past and Future of Labour Force Participation in Canada

Street Smart: Demographics and Trends in Motor Vehicle Accident Mortality in British Columbia, 1988 to 2000

Beyond Comparison: Canada’s Organ Donation Rates in an International Context

Adding a Million: A Context for Change Management in the City of Toronto

A Prescription for Growth: The Demographic and Economic Context for Sustaining British Columbia’s Health Care System

A Decade of Donation: Measurement of Organ Donation Rates in Canada, 1988 to 1997

Aboriginal Population of British Columbia: A Comparative Analysis of 1996 Census Data on Demographic and Housing Characteristics

Donation Matters: Demographics and Organ Transplants in Canada, 2000 - 2040

Changing Places: A Strategy for Home Ownership, Residential Neighbourhoods and RRSPs in Canada

The Next Century of Population Growth and Change: A Projection of Metropolitan Vancouver's Population, 1999 to 2101

Getting There: A Discussion Paper on People, Jobs and Places for 5 Year Transportation Planning

Housing Metropolitan Vancouver's Population: Demographics and Long Run Housing Demand, 1999 to 2040

Housing Ontario's Seniors in the Next 40 Years

Real Schools: Demographics, School Enrolment and Educator Retirement in British Columbia, 1999 to 2040

Ontario's Population in the Next Four Decades: Eighteen Million Strong and Growing

Help Wanted: Projections of Canada's Labour Force Over the Next Four Decades

Without Care? Demographics and Health Spending in British Columbia, 1999 to 2040

Forty Million: Canada's Population in the Next Four Decades

Population Four Million: Metropolitan Vancouver's Population in the Next Four Decades

Six and a Quarter Million People: British Columbia's Population in the Next Three Decades

Housing Alberta's Seniors in the Next 30 Years

A Decade of Jobs and Pay in Canada: A Perspective on Canada's National and Regional Economies

Housing Alberta's Future Population: Demographics and Housing Demand, 1998 to 2028

Population 4 Million: Alberta's Population in the Next Three Decades

Housing British Columbia's Seniors in the Next 30 years

Housing Canada's Seniors in the Next 30 Years

Homes in British Columbia's Future: Demographics and Long Run Housing Demand, 1996 to 2026

Healthy Choices: Demographics and Health Spending in Canada, 1980 to 2035

What Can You Expect? Life Expectancy in Canada, 1921 to 2021

Employment in Metropolitan Vancouver's Future: Projections of Sectoral Employment, 1996 to 2031

Homes in America's Future: Demographics of Housing Demand for the Nation, Regions & States, 1995 to 2025

Just Numbers: Demographic Change and Immigration in Canada's Future

Plan for Growth: School Enrolment in British Columbia, 1976 to 2020

Poorer Now: Average Weekly Earnings and Purchasing Power in British Columbia, 1983 to 1996

GISSAM: Geographical Information System Spatial Activity Model for Metropolitan Vancouver

Homes in Ontario's Future: Demographics and Housing Demand, 1997 to 2021

Babes in Lotus Land: Births, Birth Rates and Their Demand Implications in British Columbia, 1921 to 2021

Immigration to Canada: Youth Tonic for An Aging Population

Demographics and the Future of Housing Demand in Canada: The Myth of the Vanishing Purchaser

British Columbia's Empty Bedrooms: Occupancy of BC's Housing Stock

Aging Workforce Lack Boomer Replacements

Consumers Will Decide

Donation Matters

Labour Turmoil in Canada

Seniors and Labour Strategies