After many years of working with Rennie Marketing Systems and Rennie & Associates Realty, the Urban Futures team officially joined rennie at the beginning of 2017 to head up the rennie intelligence division (

Rennie intelligence provides analysis and data-driven insights that inform strategy both internally to the rennie sales and marketing teams and to our clients and externally to the broad range of public and private sector clients that both Urban Futures and rennie have worked with over the years.

Urban Futures’ non-profit arm, The Urban Futures Institute, and this website, will continue to function as a resource for information and analysis on the broad range of topics we have tackled over the past 20 years. From immigration, labour force change, and health care, to aging populations, land use, transportation, and consumer behavior, we hope to continue to add to the breadth and depth of research that the Institute provides as time permits.

Going forward, please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss how the rennie intelligence team can continue to provide you or your organization with innovative and objective analysis. Andrew Ramlo can be reached at 604.889.6120 /, and Ryan Berlin can be reached at 604.783.1714 /

Warm regards,

Andrew & Ryan

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