Source: CANSIM Table 401-0044

New data from Statistics Canada show that Canadian airports managed 2.34 million passenger flights in 2015. This was 3.7% higher than in 2010, but down from the recent high of 2.39 million flights in 2013.

Canada's five largest airports accounted for almost half (47.4%) of all passenger flights in 2015, up from 45.3% in 2010. Not surprisingly, Toronto Pearson International Airport managed the largest number of flights, at 399,783 (17.1% of the Canadian total), followed by Vancouver International Airport (241,401; 10.3%) and Calgary International Airport (188,321; 8.0%).

Between 2010 and 2015, the greatest relative increase in passenger flights was seen in Alberta, at Calgary International Airport (a 16.4% increase) and Edmonton International Airport (14.4%)--although you can bet their volumes will come down through 2016.