Source: Statistics Canada

Since the Great Recession, monthly investment in new housing construction in Canada has grown by 32%--a solid, if not remarkable, recovery from the 38% decline seen nationally between September 2008 and March 2009.

In what could be filed under "Tell Me Something I Didn't Know", British Columbia has seen its monthly investment in new housing construction grow much faster, at 99% (between January 2010 and February 2016). This far outpaces the growth experienced in the rest of Canada (excluding BC), at 21%.

When considered by dwelling type, BC's growth in new detached and attached investment has been relatively modest, at 49% and 64%, respectively. In comparison, investment in new apartment construction has risen by a whopping 221% since January 2010! This is an incredible rate of increase, to be sure, but if you live in BC's Lower Mainland, this probably doesn't come as a great surprise.