Ready. Set. Hike! Tuition Costs in Canada

Accompanying the beginning of a new NFL season and the commencement of a new school year is the latest edition of Statistics Canada's tuition costs data, which was released this past Wednesday. As this week’s viz shows, it is estimated that each Canadian undergraduate student will pay an average of $6,191 in tuition fees for the current school year, up from $4,400 in 2006/07. This represents a 41% ($1,791) increase.

Within Canada, average Canadian undergraduate tuition fees vary considerably, from a low of under $3,000 in two provinces ($2,660 in Newfoundland and $2,799 in Quebec) to a high of $7,868 in Ontario—the only province with average tuition fees that are above the $7,000 threshold.

Ontario has gotten itself to this point because tuition has increased by 53% since the 2006/07 school year—faster than in any other Canadian province. Incidentally, Quebec has experienced the second-fastest increase in average tuition costs, at 45%, followed by the 44% increase in Saskatchewan. At the other end of the spectrum, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland experienced the most minimal increases in average Canadian undergraduate tuition fees between 2006/07 and 2015/16, at six percent and one percent, respectively.

Our readers on the West Coast might be interested to know that students in BC don’t fare too badly when it comes to tuition fees, with British Columbia ranking 7th (out of ten provinces) in its average undergraduate tuition costs for Canadian students in 2015/16 ($5,305), and 8th in tuition inflation between 2006/07 and 2015/16 (12%).

In addition to these tuition data, Statistics Canada has published a lot more, so click here to visit their website for additional information on tuition costs for international students, graduate students, and various fields of study. Enjoy!